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Announcing WoeTorch's Powerful New 5-Song EP: A Journey Through Pain, Freedom, and Self-Worth

We're thrilled to announce the release of WoeTorch's latest EP, a captivating collection of five songs that delve deep into the human experience. The band explores emotional pain and turmoil, the struggle for freedom and self-worth, and critiques societal expectations, creating a powerful and cathartic listening experience.

Drawing from their own experiences with abuse, addiction, and mental health struggles, WoeTorch has crafted a collection of songs that are raw, honest, and poignant. The band's signature alt-rock, grunge sound is present throughout the EP, but they've also experimented with new sounds and vocal techniques to create a more immersive and emotional experience.


1. Impaled on a White Picket Fence - A critique of the American Dream and a call for deeper reflection on individuality and self-worth.

2. Diddy Yeah - A dark exploration of pain, self-harm, and the need for communication and support.

3. Numb Again - A heart-wrenching account of heartbreak and the desire to escape emotional pain.

4. Light into My Sorrow - A story of a tumultuous relationship and the struggle for hope and freedom.

5. Pound Upon My Coffin - A haunting look at inner demons and the devastating effects of addiction and domestic abuse.

WoeTorch hopes that listeners will find solace in their music and be inspired to take control of their lives. The EP serves as a reminder to feel your feelings, but not let them consume you. Each track offers a safe space for listeners to explore their emotions and find strength in their vulnerability.

Be sure to check out WoeTorch's powerful new EP and experience their emotional journey for yourself. Let their music be your guide as you navigate the complexities of pain, freedom, and self-worth.

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