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Fake Love

This gritty new release covers topics of loss, betrayal, and greed in the American medical industry. I'm not saying that it's all bad. Science and technology has come a long way and can be life changing when used appropriately, and I have had wonderful interactions with many techs, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals. However, most of us can agree that the medical industry is a money making industry and deeply connected to American capitalism.

Some are not served because they do not have the funds available to them. Those that are able to obtain insurance despite their low income status are given long waits or denied services life changing and life saving services all-together because they are "not covered". Many others have to jump through hoops and play to the system, experimenting with medications that do not work until they are finally granted access to medications that will help with their affliction.

Many, after the many denials, hours on the phone, judgement and poor treatment from medical professionals, give up and choose living with their illness over continuing to fight for the care that they so desperately need. On a personal note, I have been violated by medical doctors who have performed procedures without my consent that resulted in my newborn baby ending up the NICU. I have also been denied access to testing and procedures, being told over and over in hospitals, by primary care doctors and cardiologists that my symptoms were "just anxiety". Come to find out that I had a heart condition that could only be fixed with a medical procedure.

Do better America! This is trauma. This feeds into people losing faith in the medical industry and even losing faith in themselves. I felt like I was losing my mind when I was going through my fight to get my heart taken care of, and I did lose my mind for a while after my experience of having my body violated then my newborn baby taken with me and connected to a dozen lines and tubes.

How do we improve this system? "Fake Love" starts with a guttural voice crying "feed me love... lock the damage out". And, yes, of course, love can heal much of this. Self love: feeling that we are worth the fight for our rights to be heard and treated with respect. Loving others: showing love in medical practice through empathetic listening and as an industry by not trying to gouge patients. Procedures are in place for a reason, but it is our job to not only advocate for ourselves and our loved ones but to stand up to the medical industry and change unfair and dishonest practices so that we and our loved ones can obtain respectful, loving care.

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