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You're Like Peroxide on My Wounds

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Sol Crier here with how my rock alternative playlist was born... I wrote the song "Peroxide" in high school after reading the ingredients label on a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It was that simple. I read the warning "for external use only" and ran to my room, the words flying out of me, or "bubbling" out of me, as you will. When I excitedly brought this song to my boyfriend at the time, he thought I was breaking up with him. "Typical, you making it about you" I thought to myself as I grabbed my poem back in a huff. "No" I said. "It's just a poem."

But it never really is "just a poem" or "just a song" or "just a letter", is it? Staring at that warning, "for external use only", I felt inspired. A spark took light, thinking of all the words, the hurts I had let on the inside when, really, they should have stayed outside myself, clinging to the negative aura from whence they came. I thought, also, of how we use peroxide, to clean wounds, and how badly I wanted to be cleansed of the unhealthy love I had for the many abusers around me and am grateful for the music that filled me and healed me so many times, just as I hope my song "peroxide", brought to life by an alternative band, acts as a tool to cleanse and let go of those negative attachments.

The cleansing process definitely didn't happen overnight. Sometimes I just sat in my bathroom, staring at that bubbly solution, sitting with my wounds, just as, years after knowing what pain would come, I continued to call and spend time with the people who mentally, emotionally, and physically abused me. But, eventually, I picked the bottle up again, and got to say "goodbye infection, goodbye affection".

-Sol Crier, Vocalist of WoeTorch

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