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Why Am I Here - the drummer

Let me start by saying I'm not sure how I got roped into this project. Alternative rock bands are not my forte. When I was asked, I actually had to research alternative rock vs rock. One bit of research that really stuck out is that alternative rock does not always use conventional sounds, rhythms, or instrumentation. This gave me a great idea, as my drum set was recently stolen from my car, and I grabbed some trash can lids, pots, pans, stakes, and duct tape and got to work on developing our alternative rock band's sound.

I'm just kidding. I still use a drum set... though mine was stolen from me what seems like not that long ago. However, I did like the idea that I could go beyond the commercial rock sound and maybe even infuse some of my jazz sound to produce a new alternative sound incorporating my background and complementing Sol Crier's voice and Skinny Bane's guitar.

Sol Crier brings both haunting and gritty vocals, much like their favorites, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Evanescence, and Skinny Bane draws a lot from his love of Nirvana and Radiohead. I listened to quite a bit of Pomplamoose, Animal Jazz, and U2. My favorite alternative band list might be different than their's, but I guess that's why we're a team. Together we make a rock - alternative - jazz playlist that somehow works. At least it works for us, and I'm guessing it works for you, too, since you've read this much of this blog. ;) And since you have made it this far, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: next month's release might be a little different, a little spookier, a little jazzier. Stay tuned! --Love, Aqua Fluidity

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