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Rageful Flirtation

Things look all bright and shiny until you have them and realize you're down a lot of chips, and something is missing... Or is it someone? Ever taken that risk? Rolled that dice? Hoped that you wouldn't get caught? That you could keep the house, the kids, the wife, and the secret life?

Or maybe you've been on the other side of things, found out your partner's dirty little secret. Maybe even turned a blind eye for a long time so as to not make any waves.

WoeTorch's most recent alternative rock song, Rageful Flirtation, explores these different perspectives as well as that of someone who was been hurt before and fears future betrayals. Perhaps you can relate to standing on the sidelines, assessing the risk, afraid to even jump into a relationship?

Whatever experience you've had, let's face it, there are temptations in this world: marriage, cheating, dating... We can think about what we have to lose, the loved one, our dignity. Is the gamble worth it?

"Rageful Flirtation" is an alternative rock song that attempts to encapsulate the perspectives of both the cheater and the cheatee, exploring feelings of love lost or faded, isolation, expectations, abandonment and betrayal. What is your perspective as you listen? And are you prepared to roll the dice?

Love is the death Love is the debt

Roll now, what've you got to lose Except for maybe


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