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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

There's darkness in all of us. And it is in these shadows that we find a path to greater understanding and growth. Anger stems from self protection. Sadness is a signal for help. In safe spaces and with healthy expression, such “negative” emotions can be brought to light, avoiding the festering denial that can lead to desperation and hopelessness.

We are WoeTorch, and our mission is to provide a safe space for audience members and listeners to be in their feels, remembering past events and venting emotions in a type of cathartic rage that underlies much of our alternative rock style music. Our influencers, alternative rock bands including Tool, Linkin Park, Flyleaf and Evanescence to name a few, showed us how to be open and vulnerable, directing “negative” emotions through a positive outlet.

Many of us come from a background bred from hurt, heartache, abandonment, abuse. Our lead singer, for example, was raised in an abusive environment riddled with religious trauma and physical abuse. Full of anxiety stemming from their fear for their own well being, our valiant leader had turned to self harm, anorexia, and thoughts of suicide. Listening to favorite alternative rock bands like Hoobastank and Green Day allowed them to focus their bubbling rage, drawing it out from the detrimental inner burning that had built from years of abuse.

Individuals of our band have found themselves in music, some writing and performing with various groups and genres for over 12 years. Through our journeys, we of WoeTorch, have found our voice, sharing our thoughts, feelings, worries, despair, and writing, singing, playing, screaming until the darkness is brought to light. Being forced to look at these shadows in the light, the fear and the feelings wane, but the positive sides of these emotions, self protection and acquiring help, is still very much there.

WoeTorch is here, making music for your listening pleasure, offering you a safe space to listen, feel, and heal. If you’ve found our page and our music, we know you’ve probably also had experiences that piss you off and break your heart, and we want you to know it’s okay to be angry, sad, to cry, to shout. We’ll join you. Let’s light this WoeTorch together.

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