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Drunk In Love

Last month we showed a bit of our jazzy side but still kept it creepy with Stranger Things Vibes. We hope you enjoyed "Drunk In Love", the song and the music video, telling the story of a woman who was whisked away "in love" only to leave her would-be lover in the woods. There's definitely a twist here. Feel free to read more, below, or find your own interpretation.

There have been so many times that I have felt that hot, dizzying feeling of being "in love". It's like a drug in itself, and, at times, has gotten me in a lot of trouble, setting me up for heartache or breaking other people's hearts. I think the character singing in this song was exactly that-a character. Someone I wanted desperately to be in order for others to like me. I would give up nearly anything, who I was, my morals, my hopes and dreams, if they would only give me that addictive feeling of being in "in love".

Perspectives shifted considerably over time. I grew from a void ball of self-loathing to a sinister ball of hate towards everyone else. I heavily guarded myself, my time, and my wants. I was so overly self-protected, shut off and fed up with love, in fact, that, at a certain point, I could have taken the next person that asked me out to the woods and left them there to rot, but I see things a bit differently now.

To really be loved, truly, and to love ourselves... we hear it all the time, right? It's almost too cliche, but, at any rate, I hope this song reaches the ears that need to hear it and whatever message they need to get out of it, they do. Happy listening!

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