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Break Into You

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Another title to add to your alternative rock playlist. Let's begin by looking at the lyrics:

I will break into your heart

And see secrets you’re keeping

I will break into your mind

And see what you are seeking

I will break break break you

Like you did and do to me

Shadows on the wall

Why won’t you let me sleep?

Shadows in my heart

Why do you make me bleed?

My mind breaks open

A bird trapped in a cage

Pecking above the grave of where his lover lies

A heart held in a box

A beak too weak here’s the key

Now open

But the chest contains nothing


Shadows in my heart

Why do you make me need

To break

You’re tearing me apart

Not tearing me apart

I’m tearing you apart

And making you start

To see and feel

I wrote this when I was at the peak of my codependency issues. I was constantly worried about what others, especially people I was dating, thought of me. People pleasing was like a way of life, but it was slowly killing me. The stress of trying to continuously analyze others, breaking into how they felt or what they thought, was like a bird trying to dig through the dirt to reach a grave with its little weak.

Finally I figured out that that grave was empty... I had been using all my time and energy to get to someone or someones who had "died" a long time ago. Their heart was not beating for me. I was just tearing myself apart and, in the process, forgetting who I was and what my own needs were.

Let's get angsty then start to let these bad habits go! If you've ever felt like someone doesn't appreciate what you're doing for them or like you are putting in more effort than them... well, they probably don't and you probably are. I had to figure out if each relationship was worth it, what my boundaries were, and how I could connect with those I loved without feeling like a bird pecking through solid earth to get there.

What do you think? Do your relationships feel like you have to break into them? Do they make you need to break? When you are trying to understand a person’s motives and breaking free from people pleasing, especially in an abusive relationship, a lot comes to you. Feel the angst and enjoy the lyrics of WoeTorch's alternative rock band rendition of "Break Into You".

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